Green Power

Early Stage Funding

EPCs and PV Manufacturers

As an EPC or PV Manufacturer, you see good 10MW+ project opportunities all the time, but the develope gets built or the developer goes to someone else who can help them with the early stage funding?

We hear it every day. Developers come to us and continually tell us that PV Manufacturers and EPCs tell them “it’s too early  for us”, or “we need a PPA first”, or “come back to us when you’re further along”.

We have partnered on over 400 MW of PV projects in the past year. We are focused on projects 10MW and above in North America, South America, the Caribbean Islands, Africa and Japan. We can take early stage funding and development risk with your developer and partner with you. Plus, we can bring the entire capital stack through take out.


As a developer, you may have any or all of the following: a fantastic site with the rights locked up, great local relationships, close interconnection that is also inexpensive, a PPA rate and escalator that pencils extremely well, etc.—everything you need for a great project.  BUT, you don’t quite have the development dollars or balance sheet necessary to get the project to the PPA so it can be built and you can actually get paid.

We see this all the time, and for the right solar opportunity, we can bring our development expertise, along with the early stage funding and access to the appropriate capital and resources, to a project so that it actually can get built and commissioned.  Just in the last year, we have partnered on over 400 MW of PV projects throughout the US, Canada, Caribbean and Latin America.

We operate in and are open to utility scale projects throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, Japan and other emerging renewable markets.